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Selwyn Waihora Variation 1 - Analysis of Decision of Commissioners

2nd June 2015, Natural Resources

Memorandum from Helen Atkins analysing the decision of the commissioners in Selwyn Waihora Variation 1 and the impact of it on the horticulture sector.

Ngaruroro River Water Conservation Order - Memo to Chris Keenan & Letter to Growers

2nd February 2016, Natural Resources

Memo to growers regarding a Water Conservation Order application to the Ngaruroro River February 2016 and a Letter to Chris Keenan, HortNZ.

Canterbury LWRP - Review of Variation 2 Decisions

16th February 2016, Natural Resources

A review of decisions on Proposed Plan Change 2 to the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.

Stakeholder Perception Audit - Pukekohe

17th March 2016, Natural Resources

To help Horticulture NZ better understand how growers perceive the development and its challenges, opportunities and trade-offs, HortNZ commissioned Ideas Shop to interview 14 growers in South Auckland.

Rootzone Reality presentation to PAANZ

21st March 2016, Natural Resources

A presentation on the Rootzone Reality fluxmeter Project given by Paul Johnstone from Plant and Food Research to the Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand workshop in Ashburton on Friday 18th March 2016.

Memorandum regarding the Court Decision to Plan Change 15 FNDC

4th April 2016, Natural Resources

Memorandum regarding Plan Change 15 to Far North District Plan - Court Decision.

Initial Overview Of Panel Recommendations On The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan

29th July 2016, Natural Resources

This document provides a high level overview of recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (“PAUP”) relevant to Horticulture New Zealand. This is a preliminary overview from a legal perspective, and will be developed as detailed planning reviews of the provisions are undertaken and the picture becomes clearer.

ECan Variation 3 Review of Decision

10th November 2016, Natural Resources

A review from a planning perspective of the decisions made in the Variation 3 (South Canterbury Coastal Streams). 

ECan Variation 3 Review of Decision - Submission Review

10th November 2016, Natural Resources

A review from a planning perspective of the decisions on the submission points made by HortNZ to Variation 3 (South Canterbury Coastal Streams).

Hawkes Bay Horticultural Nutrient and Financial Benchmarking Results

10th May 2017, Natural Resources

This survey was commissioned by Horticulture New Zealand and the Hawkes Bay Regional Council to understand the absolute values and the ranges of values amongst growers in the Hawkes Bay as to N leaching and financial performance.