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Comments on the Timaru District Plan Review Discussion Documents

14th February 2017, Natural Resources

HortNZ's comments submitted on the Discussion Documents for the Timaru District Plan Review. 

HortNZ Appeal on Tasman PC 60

14th February 2017, Natural Resources

HortNZ's Notice of Appeal to the Environment Court on the Tasman Resource Management Plan Proposed Plan Change 60. 

HortNZ Fresh Water Policy

15th February 2017, Natural Resources

Horticulture New Zealand’s policy position on fresh water. Outlining Horticulture New Zealand's position on fresh water quantity and quality. It covers the position on water as a resource that needs management, storage, and consent.

HortNZ Nutrient Allocation Principles

8th March 2017, Natural Resources

Principles that have been developed by the HortNZ Board to guide the organisation's input into the development of a policy for the allocation of nutrients to productive land. 

Horticulture New Zealand Submission on PC 1 Healthy Rivers

8th March 2017, Natural Resources

Submission made by Horticulture New Zealand on Plan Change 1 Healthy Rivers. For more information and updates on the plan change process see here.

Technical Report to Support HortNZ Submission to PC 1 Healthy Rivers

8th March 2017, Natural Resources

Technical Report to support HortNZ Submission on Plan Change 1 Healthy Rivers.

Submission on the proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management

8th May 2017, Natural Resources

Final version of our submission, with supporting parties, on the NPS for Freshwater Management Amendments 2017. Changes have been made following feedback we have received and discussions with the Land and Water Forum. Any queries please contact Angela Halliday.  

Hawkes Bay Horticultural Nutrient and Financial Benchmarking Results

10th May 2017, Natural Resources

This survey was commissioned by Horticulture New Zealand and the Hawkes Bay Regional Council to understand the absolute values and the ranges of values amongst growers in the Hawkes Bay as to N leaching and financial performance. 

Submission on Draft Proposed Waikato District Plan

15th May 2017, Natural Resources

HortNZ's submission on the draft proposed Waikato District Plan. For any queries please contact Lucy Deverall