Conference 2015 image
Conference 2015 image


Delegates registering for the HortNZ conference will automatically qualify to attend all GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 conference presentations. Separate registration for the GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 day is also available.

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Day One: Horticulture New Zealand Conference 2015 

Day Two: GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR  2015 

Partner's Tour

Horticulture New Zealand Conference 2015
Rotorua Events Centre

Monday 27 July

5pm – Registration Opens

6pm  Welcome Reception, Hosted By United Fresh
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A big welcome to the conference from one of our key sponsors, United Fresh. Drinks and nibbles, a short presentation about the work of United Fresh and a great chance to network and mingle with fellow delegates and exhibitors.

Tuesday 28 July

8am – Registration Continues

9am – Conference Plenary Sessions Open, with MC Alasdair MacLeod, chairman of Tomatoes New Zealand in the BayTrust Forum
Keynote Speaker:
‘The Global Feeding Frenzy’
Julian Cribb, science writer and communicator, Australia.
Julian will take a hard look at the development of global agriculture and its ability to feed the planet and protect the environment.

10am – Morning Tea, in the trade exhibition area

10.30am – Concurrent Sessions

Session One in the BayTrust Forum – Planning for the Workforce of the Future

Horticulture sectors have set ambitious growth targets and are recognising that people are key enablers to their strategies. However,  one of the vital challenges we face is to attract good people towards our industry and get them into our businesses.

Sue Pickering and Jerf van Beek from HortNZ will talk about current initiatives and exciting opportunities in both the seasonal and permanent workforce space and will lead an interactive discussion as to where the focus needs to be in the next few years to get the best bang for buck. 

Session Two in TomatoesNZ Room – Annual General Meeting of Tomatoes New Zealand

Session Three in Vegetables NZ Room – Annual General Meeting of Vegetables New Zealand Inc 

Session Four in Process Vegetables Room  – Annual General Meeting of Process Vegetables New Zealand

12noon – Lunch, in the trade exhibition area

1pm – Concurrent Sessions

Session Five in the Vegetables NZ Room – Managing The Safety of Your Workplace

With Al McCone, Programme Manager Agriculture, WorkSafe New Zealand and Mike Arnold, HortNZ director and chair of the HortNZ Health & Safety committee.

A practical session on how to manage health and safety risk in your business.  Al can assist in demystifying current and future health and safety requirements of businesses.  He’s a very good person to hit with all your questions about your responsibilities around health and safety and the actions you need to take. 

Session Six in the HortNZ Room – Food Safety, Food Security and Your Business Planning

With Matt Dolan, Horticulture New Zealand, Anne-Marie Arts and Dr Hans Maurer from The Agri-Chain Centre.

Session Seven in the TomatoesNZ Room - Covered Crop Hygiene

With Ines van Marrewijk, Product Manager Groen Agro Control

As a scientist and product manager, Ines will be able to break down the variety of issues that covered crop hygiene pose for growers in a way that is hard-hitting but easy to follow.

2.30pm – Afternoon Tea Break

3pm - Concurrent Sessions

Session Eight in the Vegetables NZ Room – AgChem Resistance, What’s the Plan?

With Trevor James, Researcher at Agresearch, and Mike Parker, FAR

Science tells us the agrichemicals we rely on may not be as effective as we need them to be in future. What are the plans for working in horticulture and building horticulture businesses in a world of agrichemical resistance and reduced sensitivity?  

Session Nine in theTomatoes NZ Room – Tales From the RMA Team

A recap on the trickiest resource management issues the Horticulture New Zealand Natural Resources & Environment team have been grappling within the last 12 months, with an eye on the future and what RMA advocacy trends will mean for your business. With Chris Keenan, HortNZ, and Blake Holgate, sustainable farm systems manager at Rabobank.

Session Ten in the BayTrust Forum  - Making Working Together Work - Co-operatives in Horticulture

With Robin Nitschke, Tamarillo Growers Association and Ramsey Margolis, Huia CDS

What are the secrets of putting together a successful cooperative? How hard is it to achieve this in the 21st century New Zealand horticulture industry? Hear from cooperative business development expert Ramsey Margolis and Tamarillo Growers Association manager Robin Nitschke about the benefits and some of the challenges of the cooperative business model.

4.30pm – Horticulture New Zealand Annual General Meeting in the HortNZ Room

6pm – Pre Dinner Drinks, in the trade exhibition area

7pm – Horticulture New Zealand Awards Dinner in the BayTrust Forum


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GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 and Horticulture New Zealand Conference 2015
Rotorua Events Centre
29 July 2015

Delegates registering for the HortNZ conference will automatically qualify to attend all GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 conference presentations.

GLOBALG.A.P., the world leader in agricultural standards, is bringing its TOUR 2015 conference to New Zealand in July.

The conference will focus on looking at the next step of quality assurance certification and how the Australian and New Zealand horticulture industries can incorporate integrity and trust with consumers and continue to build a reputation for food safety.

This is the first time the biennial GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR has been in the Southern Hemisphere, providing an exceptional opportunity for organisations and individuals across the Asia Pacific with an interest in food safety and certification to get together and learn more.

Experts from GLOBALG.A.P. are also keen to learn first-hand how Australia and New Zealand have become world leaders in farm assurance certification.

Wednesday 29 July

7.30am - 8.30am - GLOBALG.A.P. Networking Breakfast 
Tristan Kitchener.

Hear Australian/UK supermarket expert Tristan Kitchener discuss what a third supermarket in NZ’s duopoly would mean for growers and consumers.

8.30am – Registration and coffee

9.30am – Welcome - all sessions hosted in the BayTrust Forum on this day

9.45am - GLOBALG.A.P. Session 
Speaker: Dr. Kristian Moeller – Chief Executive Officer, GLOBALG.A.P.

Kristian will discuss the process of linking producers and consumers, and the GLOBALG.A.P. framework as it applies in New Zealand. He will give a GLOBALG.A.P. overview and update and discuss the new add-on modules including Localg.a.p., GRASP & Chain of Custody.

10.30am - Collaboration in governance
Alastair Bisley, Chair of Land & Water Forum

Alistair heads the Land and Water Forum, which used an experimental process of Collaborative Governance to establish a successful framework for fresh water in New Zealand. This process illustrates how skilled leadership, open consultation and dogged persistence are powerful forces for solving big, complex challenges.

11.00am – BREAK

11.30am - Behind Australia's Produce Harmonisation Programme
Speaker: Belinda Millard, and Brice Lamarque, Woolworths Australia, and Tristan Kitchener, consultant

Belinda, Brice and Tristan are some of the driving forces behind the development of Australia’s Produce Harmonisation Programme, working with Horticulture Innovation Australia. They will discuss the challenges the programme faces and the role global partners play in the development of certification programmes.

Brice Lamarque is Produce Category Quality Manager for Woolworths Supermarkets and Belinda Millard is Supplier Approval Manager, Group Quality Technical Services for Woolworths Ltd.

12.00 - What's the story?
Amanda Woodbridge, Ideas Shop

Amanda will discuss communicating your message as a food producer, and what consumers need to hear in order to understand. 

Now more than ever before, customers want to know what they’re eating  - what’s in it, how it’s been treated and even if it was ethically produced. What were once considered “green” fringe issues are now mainstream. Amanda will outline some of the latest research about consumer expectations and how food producers can build consumer confidence in their brand in this new ‘world order’. 

12.30pm - LUNCH

1.15pm – Making an IMPACT
Alistair Mowat, Advisor MPI

Alistair will take a look at how to decide which sustainability objectives a business should pursue and how to tackle them.

Jon Manhire, NZ Sustainability Dashboard
Jon will talk about success of the internationally recognised NZ Sustainability Dashboard, how it can be used to measure progress and the opportunities it provides us.

Alan Timms, IPL/Asda and Walmart
IPL Ltd is the biggest single importer of produce in the UK. Alan is their representative in New Zealand and Australia. He has a unique view of the trans-Tasman produce business, and how it looks from the mega-purchasing power offices of Asda and Walmart on the other side of the globe.

2.45pm – Panel discussion and Q&A – Beyond Certification

Certification on its own does not provide confidence to the consumer, nor does it solve the complex problems facing producers. So what will?
Featuring today's speakers, this panel will look at what the future of farm assurance and certification could look like. As certification becomes more common around the world, how will New Zealand producers differentiate their credentials?

3.30pm – CLOSE

Partner's Tour Tuesday 28 July

A unique day learning about traditional Maori herbs and spices, and how to use them in cooking, with Maori Chef Charles Royal.

We depart Rotorua and travel to the home of Charles Royal at Lake Rotoma. Charles will take us on a short bush walk so that we can learn about native plants and herbs and their use in cooking.

After the walk, Chef Charles will demonstrate several dishes using the herbs and spices. We will enjoy tastings and a shared platter lunch.

A bonus on this trip after lunch is an optional soak in the nearby Soda Hot Springs, so bring your togs and towel!

We will return to Rotorua by mid-afternoon.

This tour is hosted by Lynn Huhtala, Finding Flavour.

About Chef Charles Royal:

Charles Royal is New Zealand’s answer to the reintroduction of a tradition that many had never heard of – cooking with New Zealand indigenous Mãori herbs, spices and flavours. The knowledge that is imparted by Charles on each tour is amazing – with each one always a little different. Best of all, Charles is simply fun to be around. His whãnau are inspirational – they all help out with the business, including wife Tania who has many culinary skills herself.