Horticulture Welcomes Dam Progress

28 Apr 2016

Horticulture New Zealand has welcomed the announcement of the progress made in funding for the Ruataniwha Dam project in Hawke’s Bay. 

The horticulture industry is reliant on sensible management of freshwater in New Zealand and the provision of water for future generations of primary sector business is essential.

“This will see the number of growers increase, and this in turn will improve the sustainability of the proposal,” HortNZ natural resources and environment manager Chris Keenan says.

HortNZ is increasingly concerned about the space available for vegetable production in New Zealand, given the significant pressure from urban expansion in other key growing areas such as Pukekohe, Tasman and Horowhenua.

“While production in the Central Hawkes Bay cannot replace Pukekohe production, it does add to the security of food supply for New Zealanders,” Chris says.

And it is good to see that fruit growing is in the mix of the contracts signed.

“Fruit production is incredibly high value, and has a small nitrogen and sediment footprint.

“This is great for jobs and community wellbeing in the Bay.”



For further comment:

Chris Keenan, natural resources and environment manager, HortNZ 027 668 0142