HortNZ Welcomes Kiwifruit Industry Supportive Voter Turnout

24 Mar 2015

Horticulture New Zealand welcomes the decisive voter turnout for the kiwifruit industry’s Kiwifruit Industry Strategy Project.

The interim results announced today show huge support from growers for the recommendations made in the ‘KISP’, it is great to see such a strong and clear mandate from growers, HortNZ president Julian Raine says.

The process was robust with broad consultation and every part of the industry has participated.

HortNZ was particularly pleased to see the overwhelming support for continuance of the Single Point of Entry structure for the marketing of kiwifruit outside of New Zealand and Australia.

“This result shows 98% of all kiwifruit growers support the ‘ZESPRI’ model and so does HortNZ.

“The single point of entry structure has been the backbone to the success of the kiwifruit industry in New Zealand and New Zealand’s economy is more than $1billion a year better off because of it.

“HortNZ congratulates all the growers who voted and the industry bodies, particularly Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated, who have handled this process in a professional manner.

“The result speaks for itself,” Julian says.