Shop Smarter, Shop In Season

16 Apr 2015 Shop Smarter, Shop In Season image

Figures released by Statistics New Zealand today prove what Horticulture New Zealand has always said; when you shop in season, you are shopping smarter and saving money.

The figures on prices for fruit and vegetables put together by Statistics New Zealand compare prices paid at different times of the year for the same products.

This comparison clearly shows that although a product may be available all year round, there are certainly times of the year when it is likely to be cheaper, because availability is better, especially when it is locally grown.

“Every Kiwi household should get a copy of this information and pin it on the fridge, and have it handy for the next food shopping trip,” HortNZ president Julian Raine says.

“Lots of people tell us they would buy in season, but these days, they are not even sure when that is. With information like this, those questions can be answered.”

For example, the figures show that strawberries double in price in July to almost $30 a kilo, compared to only just over $13 in November.

“And that’s when most people assume they are expensive, because it is the beginning of the season. The truth is, they will always be more expensive in the winter, when they are imported.

“It’s great to see Statistics New Zealand crunching their numbers this way, it is really helpful for all Kiwis to get this kind of information,” Julian says.

View the Statistics New Zealand chart here