Attention Freshwater Users

11 May 2016

 Attention New Zealand freshwater users – it’s time to take a look at what a small group of growers have achieved, along with their regional council, in the Hawke’s Bay.  They’ve launched a model for water management which should allow their catchment to support those who need water, especially at critical times.

Take a look here at the story in the Hawke’s Bay Today, or in the video below.


HortNZ believes this is the way of the future.  Agreements between consent holders within catchments and their local authorities, will give New Zealand’s primary sector producers huge security in which to grow their businesses.  Security they don’t have now. 

No more bans, no more knee-jerk reactions, no more tractor protests. Instead, water is managed, consent holders and their council communicate and communities keep their water quality, their food security and their business growth. Well done Twyford, it will be worth all the effort.


- Mike Chapman, CEO