Better Biosecurity is Coming Your Way

28 Jul 2016

 BioSecurity Group2 EJM1653


This year Horticulture New Zealand has run two grower surveys to make sure we’re doing what out growers want us to do, and we’ve gotten some great data from you all.

According to our growers, the number one priority for HortNZ to address is Biosecurity.

HortNZ and the various horticulture product groups are very focused on biosecurity and achieving the best possible outcomes for our growers.  The disastrous Psa incursion that damaged kiwifruit, not to mention the frequent fruit fly finds, are still fresh in everyone’s memories. 

It’s worrying to think that there are about 35 new incursions into New Zealand every week, and even more worrying when we remember that 70% of the unwanted pests and organisms that come across our border affect horticulture.  The most recent ones, like Pea Weevil, European Paper Wasp, and the Harlequin Ladybird are household names for many growers.

That’s why we so warmly welcome the Minister’s and Ministry for Primary Industry’s Biosecurity 2025 discussion document. This is just what we need and want from MPI to help combat these threats to horticulture.

At the centre of Biosecurity 2025, there are five strategic proposals:


1 - A Biosecurity Team of 4.7 Million – This is partnership on a grand scale. Every New Zealander and every New Zealand business becomes part of the team.

2 - A Toolbox for Tomorrow – Science and technology have the potential to revolutionise the way we do biosecurity. Innovation must be prioritised, sought out, adapted and applied.

3 - Free-Flowing Information Highways – Information underpins biosecurity decision-making. We must use the vast array of data across the system better to inform risk management in real time.

4 - Effective Leadership and Governance – System-wide leadership and inclusive governance support all participants in their roles.

5 - Tomorrow’s Skills and Assets – A capable and sustainable workforce and world-class infrastructure provide the foundation for an effective system.


Here at HortNZ, we’re already an active partner with the Ministry, working together to achieve better biosecurity outcomes.  We embrace this review, and see it as an opportunity to deepen our partnership with the ultimate aim of improving biosecurity results for all of our growers.


-Mike Chapman, CEO