Uncontrolled Urban Sprawl Will Increase Vegetable Prices

19 May 2016

 Urban Sprawl

It’s a simple equation: Auckland spreads its housing into our fruit and vegetable production land = we all pay more for food.  It is very simple,  if more houses are built on the most productive rural land around Auckland City, we will all pay more for fresh vegetables and fruit.

 The true cost of uncontrolled Auckland sprawl is not understood.  There is food grown now in Pukekohe and around Auckland which cannot be grown anywhere else in the country at certain times of the year.

 Uncontrolled sprawl does not just effect land availability, it also can disrupt water supply by blocking aquifer recharge.

 We need to ensure that the planned expansion of Auckland City does not take away land used for growing our vegetables.

HortNZ fully supports the efforts of the Auckland City Council to establish a Rural Urban Boundary which is based on thorough research, adequate science and established community need.

 HortNZ also recognises the need for more housing and has already offered solutions to the Unitary Plan independent panel.


- Mike Chapman, CEO