County of Origin Labelling – voluntary does not work

10 Mar 2017



One of the reasons given for there being no need for mandatory country of origin labelling is that there is voluntary compliance and therefore, it is not needed.  We will convince those who hold this view that voluntary does not work.

In the Horticulture New Zealand survey undertaken by Consumer NZ, more than 1,000 respondents gave the following answers:


- Two-thirds look for country of origin labelling when they shop

- They only find country of origin labelling 32% of the time on fresh fruit and 29% of the time on fresh vegetables 

- 22% of the shops that fresh fruit and vegetables are purchased from are not the two main supermarket chains that voluntarily label where fruit and vegetables come from.


So, the survey results clearly show that voluntary does not work. That’s why we need mandatory country of origin labelling – to get consistency.  This is what consumers want: they want to buy local, buy fresh, and they want to know where their fresh fruit and fresh vegetables come from.


- Mike Chapman, CEO