Don't Assume!

31 May 2016


It’s a sad fact Kiwis are still being caught out by misleading and deceptive country of origin labelling on food products sold in this country.

We are miles, and miles, behind the rest of the world in getting to grips with the idea to give consumers information about where their food comes from.

The Commerce Commission knows we aren’t getting it right – and occasionally that agency manages to get a food  manufacturer or producer into a court room and gets to prove that the labelling was in fact “misleading and deceptive” under the Fair Trading Act. They did this recently with a goats’ milk powder manufacturer:

Consumers have asked and need to know where the fresh fruit and vegetables comes from.   To achieve that we need Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling mandated by law.

The majority of the world, including all our major trading partners, have Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling.

Those that don’t are NZ, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

It’s time for a change so that we get enough information to make the choices we want to make, about the fresh fruit and vegetables we feed our families.