Getting Kiwis into work

03 Mar 2017

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Horticulture is working hard to get New Zealanders who have not been in work for some time, or who have just left school, into permanent work. There are many opportunities in horticulture and, with the industry growing as fast as it is, there are great careers on offer. One of the best ways to start a career is to commence orchard, garden, or packhouse work and progressively upskill and take on more senior positions.

The hardest part is getting started; there is often a need to develop basic life skills of getting out of bed and being reliable. Added to that are the skills needed to work in the orchard, garden, and packhouse. There has to be an aptitude and willingness to learn. With careful selection, tailored training and good pastoral support, we can take young New Zealanders and give them the opportunity to have a fantastic career in horticulture. Once started and settled into a work and an upskilling pattern, these workers will stay in the workforce and thrive.

The Government’s announcement of the package of support measures for Tairāwhiti’s regional labour force will be of great assistance in getting young New Zealanders into work. It is packages like this, where Government empowers industry to develop our labour force, which succeed. There is rapid growth of horticulture in Gisborne, and the industry needs workers to keep growing – up to 1,200 more workers in the next 3 to 5 years. 

So this will be a real win-win, creating more employment and increasing prosperity for the region.


- Mike Chapman, CEO