Growing Staff and Business in the Right Direction

19 Jul 2016



New Zealand horticulture is enjoying quite a boom at the moment; well on the way to meeting our 2020 goals, we’re on a roll. The question is, how do we stay there?

Maintaining leadership in innovation and technology, as well as skills, resilience and growing good quality produce, these are all things we must strive for to keep on track for 2020.

A vital element moving forward is ongoing upskilling through the education and training of the staff within horticulture.

As our processes are constantly changing, with the introduction of new technology and regulations, there’s always something new for staff to learn - from improving efficiencies and using technology, to keeping safe. People are the lifeblood of the industry, and consistent training programmes are a must.

This is why Primary ITO has launched a new campaign called ‘Let’s Grow’, focused on training the next generation of superstars in the viticulture, fruit and vegetable production industries.

Targeted at employers of small to medium enterprises and human resources managers of large corporate organisations, ‘Let’s Grow’ encompasses special discounts and offers to encourage engagement with training and qualifications.

I believe it’s this sort of training that will keep our industry on track in the years to come, and help us achieve what we strive for.

More information on the campaign is available on the Let’s Grow website.


- Mike Chapman, CEO