Growing the export value of our food

04 Apr 2017

Origin Green

This week, Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy addressed the Te Hono Summit (a one-day event aimed at sharing ideas and driving growth in the primary sector) with the question, how can New Zealand double our export value by 2025?

The Minister suggested adopting a programme similar to Origin Green Ireland. This is a holistic, environmentally and socially sustainable farming and growing programme that is well communicated to consumers to establish trust and confidence in their food. It is a two-step programme that first changes how we farm and grow and then tells consumers about it so that they buy the sustainably grown products that meet their perceptions and expectations. As the Minister put it, a programme like this has to be industry led, but Government enabled - a true partnership.

Te Hono has taken on the challenge to develop such a programme with the ambition to leap frog Origin Green. Te Hono has to make things happen that don't happen normally.

The Minister also shared the latest Ministry of Primary Industries export data. There has been growth in dairy at 8.7%, forestry at 5.8% and horticulture and wine at 3.8%. MPI is predicting export value to increase by 10% over the next year.

The Minister's point was, imagine how much more we can grow exports if we create New Zealand's own version of Origin Green. 


Mike Chapman, CEO