Healthy food for healthy minds

20 Feb 2017

Supermarket blog

A recent study has shown that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in young adults can increase mental health, including increased motivation and vitality.

The study was led by Dr Tamlin Conner of the Psychology Department in New Zealand’s University of Otago. In this study, one group continued eating their normal diet, while another received two extra servings of fresh vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, oranges, apples, and kiwifruit every day. They were also reminded by text message to eat more vegetables and fruits. The results showed that the group eating extra more fresh produce had improved mental health and acuity over the group eating less.

With this kind of research showing the benefits of fruit and vegetables, the Government’s announcement last week of its continued support of the ‘Fruit in Schools’ programme is obviously money well spent. 

The Government invests $7.8 million into the Fruit in Schools programme each year, which sees high quality seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered to schools each week. With 543 schools taking part this year, this will directly benefit over 104,000 students. Up to 24 different types of fruits and vegetables are on the menu throughout the country, and more than 20 million servings will be dished up over the year, through the programme delivered by United Fresh.

The Government’s focus is on reducing obesity; improved mental health and increased vitality is an added bonus for the students. It's a winning formula.

And it’s not just students who can benefit. We can all greatly benefit from consuming more fresh vegetables and fruit. That’s good news for horticulture; it’s real brain food.


-       Mike Chapman, CEO