Horticulture Growth Confirmed

27 May 2016

pruning kiwifruit cropped for mikes blog

 This week there were three announcements confirming that horticulture in NZ is in a growth phase.


The Primary Industry Training Organisation held its AGM on Tuesday. 

In 2015 there were 2,553 production horticulture trainees which is a 16% increase on the number of trainees in 2014. Other key indicators from this AGM were:

- 80% of trainees completed their training – the target is 62%

- 29,515 people are training with the Primary ITO


 This is an exceptionally good result.


On Wednesday, Zespri announced its year end results:

- Total sales revenue for the season also grew to hit $1.9 billion, up 21 percent from the previous season.

- The total fruit and service payment to growers for New Zealand-grown fruit increased 22 percent on the previous year to $1.143 billion, with average return per hectare reaching a record $60,758.

- Record per hectare Green return of $56,673, up from $53,884 with an average per-tray return of $5.13

- SunGold’s performance in the markets was very positive with the largest-ever New Zealand volume of 27.5 million trays (from total New Zealand gold volume of 32.6 million trays) being sold earning with an average per tray return of $8.21 per tray


Avocados announced their year end results on Thursday:

- Five years ago the New Zealand market achieved between $15m and $20m annually

- This year’s record breaking return of $41m is 25 percent above last year’s return of $31.8m and shows year on year growth of 17 percent since 2011.

- This year 4.2m trays were sold, versus 7 million trays sold the year before

- Of the 4.2m trays, 2.6m trays were exported, 1.2m trays were sold as fresh in New Zealand and 380,000 trays were processed into avocado oil and other products.


All fantastic results; what a week for Horticulture!


- Mike Chapman, CEO