Horticulture has a great story to tell

03 Aug 2017

Healthy Food for all forever

Horticulture has a fantastic story to tell. It is one about growth, a significant contribution to New Zealand’s financial well-being, environmental sustainability, safe and healthy food, the increasing value of our exports, and an industry with many and varied career opportunities. The vital contribution that horticulture is and will increasingly continue making to New Zealand as a whole, as well as the communities we grow our produce in, is something that is not well known and that is, our focus on sustainable farming through generations of growers. Surprisingly, the New Zealand public also do not know how safe our produce is or about the industry’s focus on producing residue-free, top quality fruit and vegetables.

A lot of this is explained in this video that we recently produced to tell some of the horticulture story.

Telling the horticulture story is one of the major themes coming out of the horticulture conferences held over the past few weeks. This is now a focus for all of us in horticulture. 

The other theme coming out of these conferences is how well the industry is performing and what a vibrant and exciting place it is to work. The career opportunities are numerous and varied. This is a part of the story we need to tell better. To do this, the industry is re-forming an action group called the horticulture capability group to spearhead spreading the word about our career opportunities.

So our message to everyone is about horticulture growing, with great career opportunities, producing healthy food for all forever.

- Mike Chapman, CEO