Instagram will tell the horticulture story

02 Oct 2017

Growers of New Zealand 1000x1000

New Zealand’s fruit and vegetable growers have a great story to tell. Many run inter-generational family businesses, where three or four generations of the same family have been caring for the land. They understand environmental sustainability, from years of record keeping and experience, and are early adopters of innovation; New Zealand has some of the best research institutes in the world.

To highlight all this, Horticulture New Zealand has launched a pan-industry Instagram page, aiming to show the human faces of the people who grow New Zealand’s fresh fruit and vegetables, their commitment to supplying this food, and demonstrate what can be done with their delicious, healthy produce when it arrives in your kitchen.

Growers of New Zealand went live last week, and has already sparked interest both in New Zealand and around the world. Increasingly, people want to know their food has been produced in a sustainable way, with well-protected labour, and with care for the environment; Growers of New Zealand will tell this story. Each week, a grower will be profiled and the seasonal crop they have been working with will be highlighted in an innovative, healthy recipe. Recipes are always popular on social media, as people look to healthier eating and want inspiration and advice on what they can eat. We will be promoting what is in season, which will be both available and affordable, and will also be profiling some of the more overlooked fruits and vegetables, to encourage people to broaden their horizons and try new things.

Social media offers a way to directly reach a wide and engaged audience who want to find out more about their food and the people who grow it. Instagram is the chosen platform of foodies, travellers, and influencers; best of all, its visual focus makes it perfect for showcasing healthy food.     

We need to better explain what farmers and growers are doing for the environment, tell our cultural and social sustainability story, and demonstrate the commitment by our inter-generational farming families to constantly improve the land and environment for generations to come. We hope to see you following Growers of New Zealand, and help to close the urban-rural divide. 


- Mike Chapman, CEO