Less regulation – no need to reinvent the wheel

14 Oct 2016

Select Committee

As the voice of growers in Wellington, Horticulture New Zealand represents your views when new rules and laws are being made by the Government. The issue with some rules and laws is that one size does not necessarily fit all and our job is to ensure the interests of horticulture are considered and that growers are not disadvantaged by any changes.

This week, the Primary Production Select Committee considered an amendment to the Food Safety Law Reform Bill. Our oral submission to the committee – made by myself, Richard Palmer and Matthew Dolan - was about less regulation and not reinventing the wheel.

This Bill is putting in place a system of product traceability so that if there is a food scare, the food at risk can be isolated, tracked to the source, and fixed. We totally support this; however, we advised the select committee that with our Good Agriculture Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice schemes, horticulture already has that kind of traceability in place.

What this Bill is doing is creating a separate, state-run system on top of the systems we already run that are internationally recognised, accredited, and accepted by all the major supermarkets our growers supply. 

In short, we do not need another scheme.

Not only that, it will cost growers much more for the two schemes to operate. So our submission was:

-       Recognise our existing schemes for horticulture


-       Don’t create extra regulation that will cost more money and achieve nothing new.

We are fortunate to have this opportunity to make a submission to the select committee, and we will continue to advocate for the recognition of our schemes.

-       Mike Chapman, CEO