Grow a Better World: Fantastic Horticulture Careers

30 Jun 2016

 Grow a better world

Here at HortNZ, we’re never shy about promoting horticulture; whether we’re spreading the good news around a new strain of kiwifruit, promoting growers’ rights in the media, or encouraging horticulture as a career path. Part of our job is to facilitate and promote not just the industry, but the career options offered within.

We maintain a presence at events around the country, engaging with tens of thousands of potential horticulturalists every year. In the last few weeks, we’ve been involved in six different career-planning events, from Auckland to Dunedin, with tens of thousands of students through the doors.

Just two weeks ago we were at the Careers Expo in Wellington, engaging the capital’s youth and showing them that horticulture is a vital primary industry with plenty of upcoming jobs. From across business, management, communications, administration, and of course growing, we seemed to click with a lot of students, and hopefully encouraged them to consider horticulture as a viable and rewarding career option.

Next week we’re off to the National Horticultural Field Day in Hawke’s Bay. HortNZ will stand alongside Pipfruit NZ, Vegetables NZ and NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc, uniting to represent the dynamic and varied nature of the horticulture industry in one stand. We’re all pulling in ambassadors from different areas to connect with students, and provide examples of the range of pathways into the industry.

Bringing young people into horticulture is a top priority, with a relative deficit of youth in the field (and the fields), so revamping our image is a must. If we want to maintain our growth and hit our goal of a $10bn industry by 2020, we’ll need another 15,000 people over the next five years.

You can go anywhere in hort. You could be an orchard manager or a farm supervisor, a business manager or a scientist, financial analyst or journalist – the list goes on. The possibilities are vast, and the market open. It’s our hope that displaying at these events will entice young people in to our wonderful industry, and show them the lesser known side of horticulture.


- Mike Chapman, CEO