Velvetleaf - Farm Management Plan

06 May 2016



MPI have recently amended their guidelines for how to deal with the invasive velvetleaf weed, available here.

These guidelines are designed to achieve long-term management of the weed, and the ways farmers and growers can restrict its spread.

This plant has clearly been here for more than one season and is established, so it is not really possible to eradicate it. It would be really good if we could eradicate it and, with a good control programme, we may ultimately achieve that. 

Horticulture New Zealand fully support the controls implemented by MPI, and believe MPI is doing their best to control the velvetleaf threat.

This highlights the importance of strong biosecurity controls at our borders. In the hort industries we have a good working relationship with MPI on biosecurity that aims to give NZ and our growers the best possible protection. 

We are currently drafting a factsheet for growers to supplement MPI’s information, containing information on how to recognise and deal with velvetleaf, as well as practical steps you can take to manage the weed.


-Mike Chapman, CEO