Zespri celebrates 20 years

13 Mar 2017


Twenty years ago, the kiwifruit industry had the foresight to develop what has become a world-leading, iconic brand that is recognised by consumers in Zespri’s key offshore markets. That’s an incredible achievement for a New Zealand grower-owned company. 

Since 1997 when the brand was born, an amazing NZ$21 billion of premium kiwifruit has been sold under the Zespri brand; the Zespri brand is now one of the top five brands in the world. Zespri is on track to double sales to NZ$4.5 billion by 2025, having returned in excess of NZ$1.14 billion last year.

There are many reasons why Zespri has been so successful, but the key reason is consistently delivering consumers what they will pay a premium price for: top quality and tasty kiwifruit. This has been achieved by an industry tradition of innovation, starting on the orchards, through to Plant and Food’s world leading breeding programmes. The resilience and depth of resolve in the industry was seen when it conquered the Psa disease that nearly wiped it out on a few years ago.

The success is the result of everyone who has worked in and is working in the kiwifruit industry. Congratulations, and well done.


Mike Chapman, CEO