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Liarna White

27 April 2021

I have been involved in the horticultural sector all my working life. I graduated with a degree in Applied Science with a focus on Horticultural Science at Massey University. I have worked in orchard management, postharvest, and project management within the kiwifruit industry. I currently manage and operate, with my husband, our family Kiwifruit and Avocado orchards (citrus in the past as well). These are located in the Bay of Plenty and Poverty Bay regions, and are in various stages of growth from development through to long term producing.

We run a very productive operation which has consistent results and strive for continual growth and improvement. This is achieved in part as a result of our strategic planning, on a regular basis stepping out of the everyday management and looking at the big picture, forward planning and taking the time to work on the business, not just in it. We have to look widely and wisely around us to see the opportunities and challenges ahead to achieve sustainable productivity growth, while meeting the needs of our people and the wider community over the long term.

Our industry is diverse and has amazing strengths that comes from the experience skills and knowledge that the grower community holds.

Having a wholistic and strategic approach, has allowed me to develop a wide overview of many of the issues that our industry faces and to allocate significant effort to investigating options to deal with some of these. Including but not limited to water, labour and compliance challenges. I am passionate about understanding why there is so much red tape when it comes to compliance, simplifying it from a grower perspective and working with others to reduce the cost.

I believe in the mission of HortNZ, creating an enduring environment where growers thrive, and the vision of healthy food for all, forever. I feel that most growers and producers in their heart strive to achieve this but there are plenty of challenges and barriers placed in front of us. It is the job of HortNZ to work with growers to try and break down those barriers and come up with solutions to help create an environment where growers feel that they can achieve their aspirations.

I believe I’m in a position now where I have time and I can give back to the horticultural sector and contribute to shaping what will be an amazing future.



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