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Northland Farm Environment Plan workshops

Northland Farm Environment Plan workshops for outdoor vegetable growers

HortNZ, Vegetables New Zealand (VNZI), and Northern Wairoa Vegetable Growers Association (NWVGA) are pleased to offer FREE workshops to outdoor vegetable and cropping growers in Northland on how to develop a horticulture Farm Environment Plan using the NZGAP Environment Management System (EMS) add-on.

There are three workshops in the series, from July to September: 14 July, 11 August and 8 September. The workshops will be facilitated by Andrew Barber from Agrilink, and Luke Posthuma from LandWISE. Workshops will be held at the Lighthouse Function Centre, Dargaville Museum.

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Why are Farm Environment Plans needed?

Farm Environment Plans help growers assess the environmental risks of their growing operations on freshwater and freshwater ecosystems. Freshwater refers to water from rivers, lakes, streams, groundwater, some wetlands, and other sources.

Farm Environment Plans will need to have a freshwater module that meets the new national freshwater farm plan regulation. The draft regulations are expected to be released by Government mid-2021. HortNZ will be preparing a submission in consultation with growers and affiliated organisations. To learn more about this new regulation and what it might mean for your growing operation, come along to the session from 1 to 2-pm on 14 July, prior to Workshop 1 at 2pm.

Workshop schedule

A schedule of workshop dates and content is provided below.

HortNZ will email growers with additional information and reminders ahead of workshops.

Workshops will be held at the Lighthouse Function Centre, Dargaville Museum.


Date & Time


Policy update


Wed 14 July

1 – 2 pm


Overview of new national freshwater farm plan regulations

Workshop 1

Wed 14 July

2 - 4 pm


  1. Introduction to the EMS add-on
  2. Property mapping (FEP Template Section 5)
  3. Soils management ((FEP Template Section 6)

Workshop 2

Wed 11 Aug

2 - 4 pm

  1. Soils management (continued)
  2. Nutrient management (FEP Template Section 7)

Workshop 3

Wed 8 Sept

2 - 4 pm

  1. Irrigation management (FEP Template Section 8)
  2. Biodiversity management (FEP Template Section 9
  3. Environnent Action Plan (FEP Template pg.19)
  4. Next steps to audit

We recommend both management and operational staff responsible for implementing the Farm Environment Plan attend the workshops.

Hard copies of the EMS add-on FEP template and Audit Checklist will be available at the first workshop. If you prefer fillable PDF versions, download these from the NZGAP website.