Traffic Light System

Traffic light settings are changing on Friday 25 March. Read more about the changes here.

Minimising the risk of infection

All horticulture businesses should continue to use measures in the workplace to protect against Covid-19, including:

  • Carry out a workplace vaccination assessment.
  • Screen staff and visitors via regular temperature checks or other checks, and keep a record of those checks.
  • Trace staff movement and interaction, and keep records.
  • Use masks if they do not cause other issues.
  • Maximise the distance between staff and reduce the size of bubbles as much as possible.
  • Strengthen workplace bubbles, keeping in mind how staff travel to and from work, how staff enter the workplace, and how they congregate at break times. Bubbles also need to take in accommodation arrangements, where that is provided by the employer. 

What to do if you have a positive worker

On notification of a positive case within the workplace, the business should immediately:

  • Send all members of the infected worker’s work group (or bubble) home to self-isolate, take a Covid-19 nasopharyngeal swab/PCR, and self-monitor for symptoms.
  • Contact the Healthline and local Public Health Unit and follow their instructions.
  • Communicate with the National Investigation and Tracing Centre (NITC) to provide details of visitors that may be close contacts.
  • Follow the business contact tracing procedures to identify other affected workers that may require follow up according to the Public Health Unit advice.

Rapid Antigen Tests may be used by the company to screen other workers as a precaution but should not be used as a substitute for stringent physical control measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing.

Read the full guide for what to do here