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Vaccination Passports

People who are fully vaccinated can now request a My Vaccine Pass through My Covid Record.

The pass is an official record of a person’s Covid-19 vaccination status and will provide access to places within New Zealand that require proof of vaccination under the new Covid-19 protection framework.

Find out how to get your Vaccine Pass

In the workplace

There is now a government mandate in place for some public-facing sectors and businesses requiring their staff to be vaccinated. Click here for more info.

For other businesses, the industry is awaiting clarity on how they can operate and whether or not they can require their staff to be vaccinated. It is anticipated that government will bring in legislation in early December that will provide a framework for businesses to conduct a risk assessment to determine whether they need their employees to be fully vaccinated.

Now is a good time to revisit workplace contingency plans for the possibility that Covid-19 is found in your workplace.

Workplace mandated vaccination

HortNZ has looked at all available advice on workplace vaccination.  It has concluded that without a law change, it is risky for employers to mandate vaccination in any workplace. That is why HortNZ believes the best course of action is for the Government to pass an Act of Parliament to provide employers with definitive direction, irrespective of industry.

HortNZ has been advocating along with Business New Zealand for the Government to enact legislation so that employers can mandate where necessary compulsory vaccination in their workplace with legal certainty. 

The Government has indicated that it intends to get the proposed law change completed before Christmas.

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Proposed legislation for vaccine certificates and mandates

Proposed legislation announced on Tuesday 26 October will require vaccination of all workers at businesses where customers need to show a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.  For other businesses, the proposed legislation will introduce a simpler risk assessment process to follow when deciding whether vaccinations should be mandated at their workplace.

The proposed law changes will reduce risks for businesses when making decisions about vaccination mandates.

Under the proposed legislation, employers will also be required to keep records about workers’ vaccination status – a necessary requirement so employers can have certainty about the health risks their business faces.

Additionally, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is developing a process for where vaccinations are needed to maintain market access. This is expected in the next few weeks.