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Hastings District Seasonal Worker Accommodation (PC1)

Hastings District Council  prepared a variation to the Proposed District Plan (Variation 7) to allow for seasonal worker accommodation within the Light Industrial zone and the General Industrial zones at Omahu and Irongate, and changes to the scale of seasonal workers accommodation within the Plains Production zone.


Submissions on the variation closed on 27 September 2019, hearings were held in February 2020 and decisions notified 2 May 2020. Three appeals were lodged with the Environment Court. The relevant parties came together in discussions with the Council, and the appeals were settled out of Court.

The District Plan itself has been updated to reflect the new provisions that were agreed to settle the appeals, although the Variations to District Plans page on the website had not yet been updated.

What is the effect of the plan change?

The plan change sought to provide for seasonal worker accommodation in more zones across the Hastings District, and has achieved that. The plan change has allowed seasonal worker accommodation to now be established in the following zones, under the following activity classifications (unless permitted, resource consent is required before you can establish it):

  • In The Plains Production Zone:
    • Seasonal worker accommodation over 125m2 in area with up to 80 workers:
      • on sites less than 12ha is now provided for as a discretionary activity.
      • on sites greater than 12ha is a restricted discretionary activity.
    • Seasonal worker accommodation up to 125m2 in area is provided for as a permitted activity.
  •  In the Light Industrial Zone and General Industrial Zones at Omahu and Irongate, seasonal worker accommodation for a maximum of 300 workers is provided for as a restricted discretionary activity.
  •  In the General Industrial Zones at Omahu and Irongate, seasonal worker accommodation for more than 300 workers is provided for as a discretionary activity.

For detailed information about the performance standards relevant in each zone, please refer to Part B of the District Plan available here: