Outstanding Waterbodies Plan Change (PC7)

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council notified the Outstanding Waterbodies Plan Change (PC7) for public consultation in August 2019. The 'decision version' was notified in June 2021 and is subject to appeal. 

The Outstanding Waterbodies Plan Change amends the Regional Resource Management Plan to include a list of the region’s outstanding water bodies, and introduces a framework which prescribes a high level of protection for these water bodies in future plan making.

HortNZ's submission

HortNZ made a submission on the Outstanding Water Bodies Plan Change in February 2020 in the best interests of growers.  The key points raised in HortNZ's submission were:

  • Concern about the number of waterbodies identified, seeking this be revisited.
  • Seeking clarity around the heirarchy of values.
  • Greater detail about identified outstanding values, in order to inform effects assessment.

The decision has been appealled to the Environment Court. HortNZ has joined those appeals as an interested party. 

Click here to read HortNZ's summary of the OWB decision.