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Whangarei District Draft Growth Strategy submission

The strategy is required by the National Policy Statement on Urban Development.

This draft strategy identifies strategic priorities that direct where growth should go, and identifies future infill and greenfield development land. Key areas included for future greenfield development (2028 and beyond) are Kamo and Manu. HortNZ has opposed this development.

Key points of the submission:

  1. Supporting strategic directions that recognise growth opportunities for rural production and constraints placed on rural resources (including land) by urban sprawl
  2. Noting a lack of follow through of these strategic directions through-out the rest of the plan
  3. Opposing the greenfield development areas in Kamo and Manu – these are inconsistent with the Sustainable Futures 30/50 and the Operative District Plan which seek to protect highly productive land and manage reverse sensitivity impacts
  4. Highlighting that current reverse sensitivity issues are being compounded by the Northland Regional Plan and that the proposed future growth areas would exacerbate that and make all surrounding horticulture unviable.