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Waikato District Plan Review

The Waikato District Council is undertaking a review of the Operative Waikato District Plan in two stages.

Stage 1

  • addresses all policies and rule, except those relating to natural hazards.
  • Stage 1 of the District Plan review was notified on 18 July 2018. The process is currently in the hearings stage, which HortNZ has been participating  in.
  • With the exception of rules relating to Significant Natural Areas, Maori Sites and Areas of Significance, building setbacks from waterbodies and subdivision impacting on these features or High Class Soil (which have immediate legal effect), the rules in the operative Waikato District Plan continue to apply.

Click here to read HortNZ's  summary of the changes proposed in Stage 1 that will affect growers

Stage 2 

  • Stage 2 of the District Plan review proposed objectives, policies and rules to manage risks from natural hazards and climate change.
  • Stage 2 was notified on 27 July 2020. HortNZ made a submission on Stage 2 (see link to submission below).


The hearings for the Proposed Waikato District Plan have now concluded. The Council has been granted an extension of time to give a decision on the Plan, this means a decision must be made on or before 17 January 2022.