Plan Change 7 (PC 7)

Environment Canterbury notified Plan Change 7 (PC7) to the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan (CLWRP) in August 2019. The decision version of PC7 was notified in November 2021. The provisions in the PC7 decision relating to commercial vegetable growing have not been subject to appeal and are now operative.

PC7 includes a new region-wide framework for commercial vegetable growing. Under the previous operative provisions there were some issues with how vegetable growing was provided for in the plan (e.g. no single set of provisions for CVP, the way nitrogen loss rates applied to land limiting rotation and creating complications for consenting).

HortNZ's submission

HortNZ lodged a submission in the best interests of growers in September 2019 and presented at the hearing in early December 2020. HortNZ’s summary of the notified PC7 provisions is available here.

The Council’s decision on PC 7 was publicly notified on 20 November 2021. Appeals on the plan could only be made on points of law.

The decision recognises the importance of commercial vegetable growing and provides a workable consent pathway.

Click here to read HortNZ's summary of the PC7 decision.

The full decision report and recommendations are available on Environment Canterbury's website here.