Waimakariri District Plan Review

Waimakariri District Council notified the Proposed Waimakariri District Plan for public consultation in September 2021.

A district plan manages land use activities and subdivision - they set out rules and policy for how land can be used and developed.

HortNZ's submission

HortNZ made a submission in November 2021 in the best interests of growers. The key points raised in HortNZ's submission were:

  • Amendments to ensure horticulture and associated activities - such as ancillary rural earthworks, seasonal worker accommodation, greenhouses, crop protection structures - are sufficiently provided for, including rules that enable a rapid biosecurity response (e.g. vegetation clearance)
  • Clear expectations in policy for the rural zones, and an expectation that these should remain available for rural production activities.
  • Policy framework and rules to manage reverse sensitivity effects.