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Waimakariri District Plan Review

Waimakariri District Council notified the Proposed Waimakariri District Plan for public consultation in September 2021. Submissions on the Proposed Plan closed 26 November 2021.

Key matters that are managed by the District Plan include:

  • Land zoning and subdivision – managing how land use change can occur and where urban growth is located.
  • Reverse sensitivity issues for managing conflict between land uses (including things like noise, light, standards for sensitive activities.
  • Provisions for buildings and structures (such as glasshouses, packhouses, worker accommodation and crop protection structures)
  • Storage and management of hazardous substances.
  • Protection of special features,  landscapes and sites of significance.

HortNZ reviewed the proposed Plan,  consulted with growers and lodged a submission in the best interests of growers. The HortNZ submission is linked here.


 Status of the proposed plan rules

The following rules have immediate legal effect on notification, these are:

  • SUB-R10, GRUZ-R41 and GRUZ-R42, which relate to the minimum lot size for subdivision and residential activity in parts of the rural area.
  • Rules relating to Historic Heritage, Sites and Areas of Significance to Māori, Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity, Natural Character of Freshwater Bodies, Notable Trees

Until there is a 'decision version' of the plan, the rules in the operative plan continue to apply.