Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan

The Marlborough District Council has been undertaking a review their resource management plans – HortNZ has been involved in this process.

  • The PMEP was notified in June 2016.
  • Following submissions, further submissions and hearings, the decision version of the PMEP was notified on 21 February 2020. 
  • The PMEP is now currently subject to appeals on various aspects - HortNZ submitted an appeal on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan decision.
What does it mean for growers?

The PMEP is a new plan which manages land use and natural and physical  resources in Marlborough - once the plan is fully operative, it will replace the previous plans.

Despite still being a "proposed" plan - the objectives, policies and rules in this plan now apply (alongside the operative plans where a provision  is subject to an appeal).

HortNZ has prepared a summary of the key changes to the plan, an overview of what the plan means for growers, and an overview of the provision subject to appeal.

Click here to read more about the PMEP rules and the key changes