Water Permits Plan Change 7

Plan Change 7 (PC7) was notified in March 2020 (by the Otago Regional Council) and again in July 2020 (by the EPS) for public consultation. The decision was notified in November 2021 and is now operative.

PC7 is a plan change that provides a framework for the the replacement of deemed permits with water permits, and for the replacement of any water permits expiring prior to 2025. ORC believes it will have a new Land and Water Plan in place by 2025, and does not want to issue any water permits that would undermine the intent of that new plan.

Note: This plan change was 'called in' by the Minister for the Environment - this means it was heard in the Environment Court, rather than a Council-level hearing. 

HortNZ's submission 

HortNZ lodged an industry submission in the best interests of growers.

A decision on Plan Change 7 was released by the Environment Court on 22 October 2021. The Court’s decisions were not appealed and Plan Change 7 was made operative on 5 March 2022.

The decision can be viewed here.

Click here to read HortNZ's summary of the decision.