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Employment law plans could destroy trust and not fit for this era

29th March 2018

Proposed employment law changes are a step backwards, and could destroy trust relationships between employers and employees and result in lower productivity, the horticulture industry says.

Where are the workers?

16th March 2018

A question many industries in New Zealand are asking is “where are the workers?” While robotics and artificial intelligence are being touted to replace workers in many industries, this isn’t going to happen en masse anytime soon.

The balancing act of workplace relations

29th March 2018

There has been significant maturing on New Zealand’s labour law in recent years. The current legislation set about to achieve a greater degree of co-operation, trust, and fairness between employers and employees in the workplace. This seems to have worked, as there have been relatively few employment disputes that ended...

Employment relations the new frontier

13th June 2018

This Government has launched reviews of education and tax, plus it has created a new Climate Change Commission. It has also announced a shake-up of workplace laws. The education review is timely. More work on climate change is inevitable.

The impact of rising wages

2nd July 2018

New Zealand’s economy is in good shape and growing. In the past, when the economy is growing, workers have gone after wage increases. The flow-on effect of this is that businesses put up their prices, inflation increases, the exchange rate increases making exports less profitable, and the Reserve Bank tightens...

Join the campaign to Fix the Bill

9th July 2018

Two Bills before Parliament will radically change how employment law operates in New Zealand. Both Bills are designed to increase the influence of unions and to change how the workforce interacts with employers. Horticulture New Zealand has recommended that neither of these Bills be made law and has made submissions...

Horticulture submission not nonsense

24th October 2018

"I thank National MP Nikki Kaye for calling out the comments about our submission from Labour MP Kieran McAnulty. We appeared in good faith to speak to our submission and were speechless when we were told we did not understand what the Bill proposes and then had to watch the...

Increase in Pacific worker numbers good for horticulture

6th November 2018

Horticulture New Zealand is pleased Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni and Immigration Minister Iain Lees Galloway have increased the amount of Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) workers who will be available for the upcoming busy fruit harvest season.

No workers, no fruit and veges

9th November 2018

There have been three recent announcements of interest to horticulture:

Engaging the unemployed

15th November 2018

The economists call it ‘maximum sustainable employment’; that is apparently what we have reached in New Zealand, with a remarkably low 3.9% unemployment. This is below the Government’s 4% target, and the lowest New Zealand has seen in 10 years. Apparently, it also equates to full employment.

Proposed temporary visa changes welcomed by horticulture

18th December 2018

Addressing labour needs by region will lead to more productive primary industries, says Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman.

Employment law changes next year

29th November 2018

The Government’s Employment Relations Amendment Bill had its second reading in Parliament on Tuesday. Some key changes from its original form were identified in response to issues raised by businesses. It’s likely that this law will come into force from May next year.

Wage subsidy scheme update 27 March 2020

28th March 2020

The government announced modifications to the wage subsidy scheme on 27 March 2020.

COVID-19 Advice on employees

30th March 2020

We know a number of growers have questions about employment as it relates to welfare.

Water and workers – where’s the certainty?

24th July 2020

We are rapidly approaching spring and with spring comes harvest. First strawberries and asparagus, then cherries. At the same time, spring vegetable production steps up.

‘The times, they are a changing’

29th July 2020

We pride ourselves in New Zealand as being innovators. The New Zealand horticulture industry is no exception to this reputation for innovation, with growers developing new and better techniques, constantly linking through to our sector’s research providers, for example Plant and Food Research.

Are you listening?

6th August 2020

The different world we now live in requires us all to learn new skills. It requires us to interpret what is happening in new and different ways. It requires us to listen to signals about the future in a way we have never done before.

Fresh fruit and vegetables for everyone

13th August 2020

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat healthy. Not only does healthy, locally grown produce boost your immune system, it also helps prevent diabetes and heart disease. So, getting that food to all New Zealanders is vital in these very trying Covid times.

Katikati Innovative Horticulture supports hort careers

28th July 2020

Horticulture offers rewarding career opportunities, believe Apata’s Erin Atkinson, Paul O’Brien, and Kate Trufitt.By Elaine FisherJoin the essential workers and enjoy not only diverse and rewarding career opportunities, but also job stability – that’s the message to school students from Apata Suppliers Entity Limited Director, Paul O’Brien.

RSE Survey 2020

28th July 2020

The latest Recognised Seasonal Worker (RSE) survey – used earlier this year when the industry successfully made the case to keep the scheme in place – is now available here.