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20th November 2014, Biosecurity


7th March 2018, Biosecurity

A quick list of frequently asked questions about BMSB.

Have your say on Samurai wasp

13th April 2018, Biosecurity

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Council has made an application to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to release the Samurai wasp in the event of a BMSB incursion in New Zealand.

BMSB is one the biggest biosecurity threats facing New Zealand, and is frequently intercepted at our borders. It has the potential to cause significant economic damage to the horticulture industry, and would become a serious nuisance to home owners.

Wairarapa Pea Weevil Eradicated

19th February 2020, Biosecurity

Biosecurity New Zealand are confident they have eradicated pea weevil from the Wairarapa. Minister O’Connor said after two complete seasons of no new finds, Biosecurity New Zealand is confident that there are no pea weevils remaining in Wairarapa, and so New Zealand.“To our knowledge, this is the first time a...

Preparing an on farm biosecurity plan

15th May 2020, Biosecurity

Growers are an essential part of the post-border biosecurity system. HortNZ has produced a booklet which contains guidance to help you minimise the risk of biosecurity threats to your farm or orchard.

New vegetable specific biosecurity manuals

23rd June 2020, Biosecurity

New vegetable growers’ on-farm biosecurity manuals have been published for both outdoor crops, and covered crops. These manuals have been developed specifically for the New Zealand vegetable sector, offering guidance for both cropping systems, with assistance from the Sustainable Food and Fibres Fund.