Environmental Award won by Sandy and Franz Imlig

05 Aug 2019 Environmental Award won by Sandy and Franz Imlig image

Avocado orchardists, Sandy and Franz Imlig have won the Horticulture New Zealand Environmental Award for 2019. 

This award recognises a person, or organisation, that has developed and implemented a sustainable environmental project, with identifiable benefits.

Sandy and Franz’s aim is to ‘remain sustainable while still making a profit’. 

They are passionate about the environment and strive for improvement in everything that they do.  For example, they are using the latest technology to ensure their orchards use minimal water while at the same time, they have reduced electricity use by up to 46%. 

Sandy and Franz are always putting their hands ups for research trials of products and techniques that lessen environmental impact.

They have a passion for insect life and protect native bees.  They have also restored several hectares by planting natives in place of pines.