Horticulture New Zealand supports RMA review

24 Jul 2019

Horticulture New Zealand supports the Government’s review of the Resource Management Act (RMA), noting that time delays and complexity are defeating the purpose of the RMA. 

‘The RMA was introduced to make planning processes simpler and more supportive of growth,’ says Horticulture New Zealand Chief Executive, Mike Chapman. 

‘Regrettably, the reverse is true.  The RMA has driven a regional government culture that requires exhaustive checks, with reports from expensive experts needed for even the most straightforward applications. 

‘Reform of the RMA is overdue.  It is needed boost the primary sector, and enable more, healthy food to be grown in this country. 

‘RMA reform must bring about more consistency and a common approach to the many issues facing New Zealand, for example, water access and allocation, water capture and storage, and nutrient control. 

‘Too often, fruit and vegetable growing in this country is not supported by regional government approaches to the RMA.  In some instances, this results in perverse outcomes that are not in the best interests of the environment let alone fruit and vegetable production. 

‘With this review of the RMA, the Government has the opportunity to support horticulture while safeguarding the environment.  Our growers would be very happy if this was the outcome.’