Response to ICCC and the Government's consultation

16 Jul 2019 Response to ICCC and the Government's consultation  image

Horticulture New Zealand supports a unified primary sector response to climate change. 

HortNZ has played a key role in coordinating the primary sector’s alternative proposal, He Waka Eke Noa - Our Future in Our hands, to achieve climate change goals. 

The proposal commits to achieving the Paris Agreement targets.  It presents a comprehensive implementation plan for the pastoral sector. 

As far as horticulture is concerned, the proposal commits to developing an implementation plan, should it be accepted by the Government.  The development of this plan would bring together the entire horticulture sector and would be developed with full consultation.

HortNZ’s chief concern is to ensure that local food production is protected as New Zealand finds ways to meet its international obligations. 

While New Zealand’s fruit and vegetable growing industry is one of the most carbon efficient in the world, we must continue to reduce emissions and environmental impact if we are to remain competitive, particularly as consumer interest in how food is grown is increasing exponentially. 

The horticulture industry’s biggest challenge is fertiliser.  The implementation plan must help build grower confidence in and knowledge of management options to improve fertiliser efficiency.

Investment in new technology and its speedy commercialisation is also needed to support growers to find ways to improve fertiliser efficiency, adopt alternatives to fossil fuels and reduce emissions.