New appointed director for Horticulture New Zealand Board

12 Jun 2019

Dr Bruce Campbell

Horticulture New Zealand’s Board has appointed Dr Bruce Campbell, of Tai Tokerau Northland, as an appointed director.

Dr Campbell is experienced in governance, innovation, talent development and the future development of a wide range of horticulture sectors and was, until 2018, the Chief Operating Officer at Plant & Food Research. He has a particular interest in building partnerships with Māori to create new food businesses and also in growing career pathways to get talented people into horticulture.

HortNZ president Barry O’Neil says Dr Campbell is a welcome addition to the Board.

"Dr Campbell is recognised as an award-winning strategist and leader with success in innovation and governance. His dedication to the industry over the years has been unwavering and he brings to the table a solid resource in research and development and established relationships with key industry stakeholders," O’Neil said.

Horticulture New Zealand represents over 5,000 commercial fruit and vegetable growers who employ about 60,000 people, making a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economy.

Appointed directors are appointed by the board based on the recommendations of a Director Selection Group. The term of office for each Appointed Director is determined by the Board with a maximum of three years per term, though an appointed director may be appointed for more than one term but can only serve for six years in total.