RSE update - 25 August

25 Aug 2020

RSE visas to be extended by another six months

The Government has announced that it is extending Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) visas by six months, allowing these workers to stay and work in New Zealand.

Immigration New Zealand will contact all RSE employers whose workers visas are expiring. 

The extension will take effect from 18 August 2020 and will apply to all RSE workers whose visas are expiring between 18 August and 31 December 2020.  RSE workers who wish to continue to work in New Zealand for the same purpose after this additional six months will also be able to apply to stay longer. The requirement to return to their home country between seasons has been lifted in light of Covid travel restrictions.

Click here to read the Q&A from Immigration New Zealand - 25 August.

For more information, click here.


RSE update - 18 August

Our advice remains the same: get your ATRs in for:
   -  Redeployment of stranded RSE workers plus their visa extension application.
   -  Your normal programmes (as if Covid was not here).
Industry groups are still working with the Government on visa flexibility for both RSE workers and renewing Working Holiday Visas.  Announcements are due soon as a number of visas are expiring.  As these people are still stranded, renewals will be granted.  Visas can only be extended for six months but for RSE workers, apply for the length of time you have employment for them even if this runs over six months.
The RSE worker page on the Work the Seasons website is being tested.  It will hopefully go live by week’s end, offering another way in which to connect RSE workers with potential employment.


Flights are still going.  Register any worker who needs to or wants to go home with their High Commission, as the priorities and flight control is being run by the Pacific Governments. 
Today, 100 RSE workers are travelling back to Vanuatu.  As winter work concludes, we will be running another survey to get accurate as possible numbers for those who need to and want to return to the Pacific, and those who are willing to remain in New Zealand.

Pacific Bubble

The potential of us getting a Pacific Bubble or movement with quarantine in employer designated facilities has been made more difficult with the community-transmitted Covid cases in Auckland.  But industry groups continue to push for a Pacific Bubble, and we will keep you updated.