Work the Seasons RSE Chat

25 Aug 2020

RSE Chat is now available for Employers

Work the Seasons has included the availability of Employer to Employer private chat on the Work the Seasons Platform.

Work the Seasons have provided details below on how to use the Employer chat to get the most effective results.

Adding your number of Available RSE workers to your Company Profile

All Employers will be able to add the number of RSE workers they have available to their Company profile. If you are wanting to redeploy your workers, this is the best way to be seen by other Employers who need to employ your workers. 

You can add your worker numbers by logging in to Work the Seasons and doing the following.

  1. Navigate to your Company Profile
  2. Add the number of workers you have for the months provided
  3. Save Changes

 Work the seasons 1

Searching for Employers who have available RSE workers to redeploy

If you are looking for workers, you can search the database for Employers who have workers available. 

  1. Navigate to RSE Redeployment
  2. Enter any search criteria that is relevant
  3. Enter how many workers you need and for which months:

Work the seasons 2
The search results will display a list of Employers, who can be interacted with by selecting "Chat" (1.):
Work the seasons 3

If another Employer sends you a message, you will receive an email notification regarding the message. This way, they won't be missed. You can access your messages by logging into Work the Seasons, and selecting the "chat" tab available on the sidebar (1.):
Work the seasons 4

If you have any questions, contact us at