HortNZ director elections 2018

06 Mar 2018

The Horticulture New Zealand constitution provides for a term of three years for elected directors with one third of directors retiring by rotation each year. This year two grower elected Directors will retire by rotation.

The following Directors retire by rotation this year:

Mike SMITH is offering himself for re-election
John COOK is standing down and not offering himself for re-election

Three further nominations were received for these positions.

The candidates nominated for election are below. Click their name for their written profile, or the video below for their speeches.


Kathryn de Bruin


Bernadine Guilleux


Mike Smith


Lesley Wilson



Each candidate's profile can be found by clicking on their name above. These profiles for each candidate will be included with the voting papers distributed to growers. 

Directors are elected for a three year term and any active grower member of Horticulture New Zealand can vote. Voting closes on 28 May, election results will be announced on 1 June.

If you have queries, please contact Kerry Norman via email, or by phone on 0508 467 869.