Waikato – Update on Waikato District Plan Review

The Waikato District Council is undertaking a review of the Operative Waikato District Plan in two stages. 
HortNZ has prepared the following summary, which includes an overview of the changes proposed in Stage 1 that will affect growers.

Canterbury – Update on Plan Change 7

Environment Canterbury is currently progressing a plan change that introduces new provisions for commercial vegetable growing in the region – HortNZ has prepared a summary of PC7 and an update of where this is in the plan change process and next steps.

Otago Regional Council Plan Change Updates - August 2020

On 6 July 2020 the Environmental Protection Agency publicly notified Plan Change 1 (Dust Suppressants and Waste Oil), Plan Change 7 (Water Permits), and Plan Change 8 (Discharge Management).

Northland Regional Plan summary - July 2020

Northland Regional Council initiated a review of their regional plan in 2017 – this summary provides an update on what provision of the remains subject to appeals and which provisions in the ‘Proposed’ Regional plan for Northland are operative.

Bay of Plenty - Update on Plan Change 13

The Bay of Plenty recently reviewed their air quality rules as part of Plan Change 13 – the majority of these rules (including those relating to agrichemicals are now operative).

HortNZ has prepared a summary of the key changes as a result of Plan Change 13 and the agrichemical rules.

Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan– Summary of the PMEP decision and appeal

The Marlborough District Council has been undertaking a review their resource management plans – HortNZ has submitted an appeal on the Proposed Marlborough Environment Plan decision.

HortNZ has prepared a summary of the key changes to the plan, an overview of what the plan means for growers, and an overview of the provision subject to appeal.

Opotiki District Plan – Summary of the plan review process and rules

The Opotiki District Plan has undergone a review as required by the RMA. A Proposed Plan was notified in 2016, followed by a process of submissions, hearings, decisions and appeals. The review process is now concluded and the new (“Proposed”) District Plan will replace the existing Opotiki District Plan and become fully operative later this year.

Freshwater update following Government decisions

The Government has announced its decisions around freshwater management. In summary, HortNZ welcomes the pragmatic approach that the Government has decided to take to achieving the freshwater quality improvements we all want. What follows is a summary of the Government’s decisions.