Ensuring the RMA works for horticulture

The Government is reviewing the Resource Management Act (RMA). Last week, Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) made a submission to the Ministry for the Environment as part of the RMA review process.

HortNZ submission on ETS

HortNZ appeared in front of the Environment Select Committee, as part of its work to ensure that growers can continue to grow while reducing their emissions and environmental impact.

HortNZ submission on Ashburton District Council Plan Change 2

HortNZ has identified that the following area “B. Farming Activity/Intensive farming activity building size limit” in this Plan Change may have an impact on local growers. The proposed changes concern new standards that must be met in future for buildings over 3000m³ including glasshouses or packhouses.  

Submission on Auckland Council's Plan Change 16

This plan change included minor amendments with significant impacts for the definitions of worker accommodation and building.