Ensuring the RMA works for horticulture

05 Feb 2020

The Government is reviewing the Resource Management Act (RMA). Last week, Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) made a submission to the Ministry for the Environment as part of the RMA review process.

‘We have pointed out that the RMA has become overly complex and costly, with uncertain outcomes,’ says HortNZ Natural Resources and Environment Manager, Michelle Sands. 

‘There’s a lack of strategic planning to allow for long term solutions as well as a lack of role clarity.  For example, there are overlapping responsibilities and uncertain roles between central, regional and local govt levels. 

‘In addition, for growers, there is the need for highly productive land, and the ability to use it productively, to be recognised as nationally important.

‘Lastly, in terms of process, the current link between the RMA and Treaty of Waitangi causes a lack of clarity and national inconsistency, which leads to unsatisfactory processes for all involved.’ 


View the submission here.