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    Minus 12.2%

    18 Sep 2020 Minus 12.2% image

    Our GDP has hit rock bottom at minus 12.2% in the June quarter, and on top of that, the Government has already spent the $50 billion recovery package.  The financial cupboard ...

    Time to reinvent NZ’s immigration system

    10 Sep 2020 Time to reinvent NZ’s immigration system image

    New Zealand’s immigration system wasn’t working before Covid hit, and it is clearly not working now.  Today we have a golden opportunity to reinvent and reengineer our immigra...

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Latest News

    HortNZ Annual Report for 2019-2020

    26 Aug 2020

    HortNZ’s complete Annual Report for 2019-2020 is available here. In June 2020, we published the narrative without the audited accounts because of delays due to the first lockd...

    RSE update - 25 August

    25 Aug 2020

    RSE visas to be extended by another six monthsThe Government has announced that it is extending Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) visas by six months, allowing these workers ...

    Farm Environment Plans at a glance

    25 Aug 2020

    Article by Damien Farrelly – NZGAP and food safety manager at Horticulture New Zealand.Farm Environment Plans (FEPs) are now recognised in legislation as a way for growers to ...

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