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Bernadine Guilleux

27 April 2021

Tēnā koutou katoa

I seek re-election onto the Horticulture New Zealand board for a second term.

Horticulture in New Zealand is often confined within the bounds of primary sector comparison, although I believe horticulture to be the rising star of New Zealand business generally. As has been made quite clear through the pandemic of the last 18 months, there is a place for our produce in the hearts and minds of health and environmentally conscious consumers globally. Our growers need to be able to fully inhabit this space while doing right by the communities within our borders. Horticulture New Zealand will play a key role in sheltering growers from the cultural tall poppy syndrome that shall eventuate from this privileged position and it is their task to ensure growers have the regulatory framework that may best help them to serve our natural environment, as well as the health of those who eat our produce.


  • Horticulture New Zealand Director 2018-current
  • Horticulture New Zealand Vice President of the Board 2019-current
  • FMCG-fresh produce marketing with authentic grower provenance
  • Vehicle Manufacturer Industry Advocacy on European Union environmental regulation
  • Consumer insight consulting in various sectors across Europe (car manufacturing, luxury goods and FMCG retail)


  • Bachelor’s degree in International Business (Auckland University of Technology)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (Rene Descartes, Paris V University, France)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in International Management, (ESSCA Business School, Hungary and France)
  • Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing & Communication (Sciences Po Paris, Political Sciences University, Paris France)

My contribution to the board has been a leading example for diverse voices around the table, and my focus continues to see that our advocacy extends positively into the court of public opinion. Influencing policy is done both in front and

behind the media screens, an act that advocacy organizations such as Horticulture New Zealand must continually balance with integrity and finesse.

As a member of a multi-generational vegetable growing family, I have an inherent understanding of the traditional grower mind-set, along with empathy and respect for their experiences. Alongside governance roles, I work actively across regions in both fruit and vegetable sectors which also gives me the breadth of exposure necessary in appreciating the evolving nature of grower organisations whose activities are not necessarily limited to a single product or region.

I am continuously evaluating ways in which Horticulture New Zealand can best manage diverse interests and represent growers’ voices, with the ultimate purpose of translating them into levers of effective advocacy.

Grower-elected candidates have the responsibility to achieve maximum contributable value for their seat, but they should also know when to step aside for others, whose voices are just as potentially valuable. I am therefore making a deliberate act to stand for re-election - I am confident that the investment you have made by electing me for a first term, will be truly realised throughout my second term. Thank you for the opportunity to serve for the next three years.

Ngā mihi nui


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•      Chapman Onion Exports Ltd

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•      Balle Bros Group

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United Fresh

Executive Committee Member

Balle Bros Group

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Thriving Southland

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Purepac Sales