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Brydon Nisbet

27 April 2021

Brydon has over three decades of national and international experience in the Horticulture Industry. His career started at the grass roots in the summer fruit industry and then gradually grew into management, ownership, and leadership in the pip-fruit industry.

Brydon spent 10 years growing and managing multiple organic apple orchards for Bostock NZ. In 2012 he took on the Production Managers job for the start-up company Rockit Global Ltd (RGL). While working for RGL he held roles in both pre-harvest and post-harvest operations. This then led him to lease and then own orchards growing rockit apples.

In addition to running his own orchards, Brydon, for the last six years has been working as a Horticulture Tutor for Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT). This involves teaching in the apprentice scheme and operational skills programmes for new and existing employees within the Horticulture Industry.

Brydon’s industry governance experience started in 2016 and was the obvious progressive step in his career. In 2020 he was chosen to be the “Future Director” for the Horticulture New Zealand Board. He is a Director of Rockit Apple

Growers Trust, Vice President of the Hawke’s Bay Fruit Growers’ Association and Trustee of the Hawke’s Bay Fruit Growers Charitable Trust. He is also the Director of his family owned orcharding business, Global Harvest Ltd.

Brydon has a pragmatic ‘can-do’ attitude and a genuine passion and commitment to support the Horticulture Industry. His priority is to develop and encourage individuals to grow and emerge as future leaders. Brydon values integrity, perseverance, loyalty, and continued learning, that have been demonstrated by his industry growth and leadership recognition. He believes people are our industry’s greatest asset and their development is key to the future of the Horticulture Industry.

Brydon has recently strengthened his own governance experience by completing the (IOD) Companies Directors Course. He lives in Hawke’s Bay with his wife Sharon and has four adult children.


Candidate Nomination Information and Declarations of Interest

Nominated by:

•      Richard Pentreath

Horticulture related companies or organisations where Directorship or equivalent roles are held:

•      Claremont Trust

Company Name:

My Role:

Global Harvest Ltd

Director / Owner

Rockit Apple Growers Trust


Hawke’s Bay Fruit Growers Association

Vice President

Hawke’s Bay Fruit Growers Charitable Trust