Mass Balance tools for GLOBALG.A.P

The New Zealand GLOBALG.A.P. Working Group has created a spreadsheet tool and guidelines for how growers can carry out a mass balance calculation. 

Mass Balance is a way of verifying that the amount of certified product sold is not more than is harvested or could be produced through traceability and calculation.  This is necessary to account for produce sold as GLOBALG.A.P. certified.

GLOBALG.A.P requires a mass balance to be carried out at leastonce a year as part of the certification process. It can be done by variety or an entire crop, but must cover both certified and non-certified production.

The Working Group is made up of industry members who use GLOBALG.A.P. in New Zealand and is hosted by HortNZ. The group’s role is to interpret how GLOBALG.A.P. requirements can be applied in a New Zealand production environment. Click here to find out more.