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Last updated: 23/6/2021

This webpage has the latest information about operating during Covid-19 for the New Zealand horticulture industry.

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On this page:

Covid support payments available

Operating during Alert Level 3 and 4

Under Alert Level 3 and 4, the primary industries – including growers and packhouses – are allowed to keep operating and cross borders. 


Regional Covid borders

Workers involved in food and beverage production, processing and supply, and freight are permitted to cross the borders.  In other words, they do not need to apply for an exemption but documentation is needed for border crossings. 

If a region is at a different Covid Alert Level to the rest of the country, businesses will need to register to cross the border. Businesses can register system (click here to apply), which will automatically provide workers with a QR code that they can place on the dashboard when crossing the border.  (Please note that individuals need a RealMe account to start the registration process, on behalf of their business.) 

Please note that displaying these QR codes is likely to be mandatory when crossing an Alert Level 3 border. 

Click here to register with the new border crossing process